Crime Cymru authors have produced a bumper crop this year. Looking for Christmas presents? There’s still time to order.

None So Blind – a gripping 19th Century Teifi Coroner mystery by Alis Hawkins. “Beautifully written, cunningly plotted, with one of the most interesting central characters.”

Halfway – a dark, snow-bound mystery by Bev Jones.  “The perfect thriller for a long, cold winter evening.”

Vengeance in Venice – a macabre mystery in a sublime setting by Philip Gwynne Jones. “Sinister and shimmering,  as haunting and darkly elegant as Venice itself”

Long Shadows– three historical mysteries, set in the same ancient mansion, by Thorne Moore. “beautifully written, utterly gripping and highly recommended.”

Anonymity – a chilling psychological thriller in the DI Gravell series by John Nicholl. “bloody brilliant. Dark, grim, disturbing and twisted.

The Nighthawk – a dark enthralling novel set in France in the 1980s, by Sally Spedding. “No one does evil like Sally Spedding.”

The Magpie Tree – Cornish Mysteries book 2, an historical mystery set around the infamous Jamaica Inn, by Katherine Stansfield. The Times’ Historical Book of the Month

Locked in – A bank robbery turns into a hostage situation in this gritty thriller by GB Williams. “Drama and tension from page one.”

            The Magpie Tree by Katherine Stansfield  Locked In by GB Williams

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