Name a Welsh crime author. No, sorry, you’re not allowed ‘the person who wrote Hinterland’. That’s a TV series. Come on, one Welsh crime author… No? Welsh crime fiction is a vibrant and rapidly-growing genre but, unless you’ve got your ear to the corpse-strewn, crime-fic ground, you may not have heard much about it.

But that’s about to change. Because, now, we have Crime Cymru.

Crime Cymru is a diverse collective of Welsh crime writers, spanning crime fiction and non-fiction.

Crime Cymru has three main aims.
– To support crime writers with a real and present relationship with Wales
– To help in the development of new writing talent
– To promote Wales, Welsh culture and Welsh crime writing in particular, to the wider world

For more information on Crime Cymru and it’s founding, we recommend Alis Hawkins’ article in the Wales Art Review.

To contact Crime Cymru regarding one of our authors, appearances, events, book groups, and more, please use the contact form below: