Arthur Cole

I was born in August 1950 in Caerau, a small mining village at ther top of the Llynfi valley, Maeste, South Wales. In 1967 I joined the Police service and retired in 1997 as a Detective Sergeant. During this period I spent nearly twenty five years as a divisional detective and special branch officer in South Wales. I investigated all sorts of major crime and counter terrorism, working closely with the security services.
Upon my retirement I became a gardener and worked in a local council home for residents with dementia. I retired for good in May 2015. In February 2016 I wrote my first Terry McGuire Crime Thriller, titled UNETHICAL CONDUCT. My now co-author Nigel.C.Williams assisted me in formatting and later self publishing it on Amazon.
From then on we began to write the thrillers together, and self published them, to date we have written eight in the series, with the ninth titled RAVEN being nearly completed. In May 2018 we were lucky to get a publishing contract with WORDCATCHER PUBLISHING.
All eight books will be re-published with new covers, however the titles will remain the same.
I also write poetry, and have had two books published by WORDCATCHER titled AN INDUSTRY NOW LOST which relates to coal mining, and POEMS FOR A LOST GENERATION relating to the First World War.