Chris Lloyd

Chris Lloyd lived in Catalonia for twenty or so years, where he taught English before working in educational publishing and then translating. He’s also lived in the Basque Country and Madrid, as well as Grenoble in France – where he researched the French Resistance movement – and has now settled in his native South Wales, within a shiver of the Brecon Beacons.

A writer and translator, he has contributed pieces to anthologies of translated literature. His writing career began with travel books about various parts of Spain and France before he finally plucked up the nerve to take on writing crime fiction. In 2010, he was awarded a Literature Wales bursary, which allowed him to spend time in Catalonia researching for the Elisenda Domènech series, featuring an officer in the devolved Catalan police force in the beautiful city of Girona.

The result of his lifelong interest in World War 2 and resistance and collaboration in Occupied France, The Unwanted Dead (Orion) is Chris’s first novel set in Paris, featuring Detective Eddie Giral. The series will see Eddie negotiate his way through the Occupation, trying to find a path between resistance and collaboration, all the time becoming whoever he must be to survive the ordeal descended on his home.

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