S J Morgan

S J Morgan (Sue) is an English-born New Zealander of Welsh heritage who lives in South Australia. She was brought up on the south coast of England and later went to Swansea University to study Literature. She has been writing for many years and has written novels in a variety of genres. Finding a publisher, however, proved much harder than writing the novels and Sue has collected an impressive pile of rejection letters over the years. Along the way though, she won first prize for short fiction at the Salisbury Writers’ Festival, and she was awarded a mentorship from the Australian Society of Authors. Finally – as the result of a five-minute pitch session at a local writers’ festival – she found a publisher who offered her a contract for her contemporary YA novel, Heaven Sent. Three months later, (just like buses!) she was offered a second contract – this time for Hide, her debut adult novel. Hideis a tension-filled tale of fierce loyalties and secret betrayals, where danger looms, ever-present, on the horizon. Its eighties setting and fast-paced action unfold against a backdrop of Cardiff, Swansea and outback Australia. It’s due for release in November 2019.

Sue is now busy working on her next Young Adult novel. She lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills region of South Australia with her (Welsh) partner, her daughters and two very slovenly greyhounds.

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