Phil Rowlands

Phil Rowlands loves telling stories. For a long time he worked as an actor in film, television, radio and theatre. It tested, exhilarated, excited and terrified him all at the same time. He played, depending on size, mine or the part’s, policemen, villains, best friends and any other character he was offered that he thought would be interesting and fun. 

He loved the social side of it all, the challenge and, on rare occasions, the praise. Then he stopped enjoying it and lost confidence. He moved to production and writing, still storytelling. He had written poems and stories since he was 12 but never really made them public, They were about simple emotional reactions and this is what still interests him; people, what drives them to do things, the strength of the human spirit. He wrote scripts and screenplays and found he could do it and, to better still, sell them.

Having been an actor helped hone dialogue and structure. Once he had laid the foundations of the story, the on going development would be collaborative and more sociable than sitting on his own, trying to create story perfection. These little burst of paranoia, struggle, criticism, debate and, finally, acceptance, broke up his seclusion.

He had thought many times of writing a novel but was too frightened to start the lonely and long journey. Siena began as an idea for a film but it felt more suited to be a story in novel form. So he faced his fears and ran with it.

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