Morgan Greene

Morgan Greene is the pen name of Welsh author Daniel Morgan.

Daniel was born in Neath in South Wales and studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Swansea University. Daniel has always held a love of writing, and decided to pursue his dream in 2015 when he left his job in hospitality and re-enrolled at college, going on to receive a Bachelors by 2019.

Throughout his studies, Daniel chose to focus on the study of narrative theory in both classic and modern literature, and completed his dissertation on narrative application in dystopian literature. This research has helped Daniel to understand the ways that literature communicates with the reader and open a discourse around its core concept, and has shaped his writing style.

During his time at university, Daniel began work as a freelance copywriter, and worked with companies all over the world. During this time, he went on to work as a fiction editor for a small publishing house in the US, and then to become a commissioned author writing science fiction for an indie publishing collective. This work was mainly focused on fast-paced, sweeping, action-packed serialised stories, which allowed Daniel to exercise his love of both the genre and of a visceral, exciting scenes. This style bleeds through into his crime novels, which he describes as having an ebb and flow of pace — quiet moments of reflection and character development followed by pulp-inspired, thrilling scenes designed to plunge the reader forward, deeper into the story.

Daniel is also the founder and director of Grindstone Literary. The company was founded in 2016, and offers opportunities to aspiring writers through its competition platform. Since its founding, Grindstone Literary has helped dozens of writers find representation and go on to publish their work. Grindstone works with some of the top agents and publishers in the UK, and is always looking for new ways to add transparency and honesty to an ever-changing literary landscape. 

In 2020, Daniel began writing the DS Jamie Johansson novels, a London-set crime series that focuses on a young detective handed her first murder case, and her ensuing career. Since its release in July 2020, Bare Skin, the first novel in the series, has received a positive reception. Daniel’s focus on character development and gritty stories showcases the darker side of the genre, and his most recent novel, Angel Maker, transports his resident detective to Sweden, to take up her late father’s mantle as an investigator in the Stockholm Police.

Daniel currently lives in Neath, and spends his days split between writing fiction and copy for a Swedish outerwear company. 

Daniel is currently working on the next novel in the Detective Inspector Jamie Johansson series, and intends to release a selection of standalone crime and thriller novels in the future.

If you’d like to get in touch with Daniel, you can do so via the links below.

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