Myfanwy Alexander

Writer and broadcaster Myfanwy Alexander grew up in the hills of Montgomeryshire: the landscape, culture and people of this unique area are a constant inspiration. 

         In 2015, Myfanwy published the first of her crime novels, ‘A Oes Heddwas’, introducing her detective Inspector Daf Dafis, who returns in ‘Pwnc Llosg,’ ‘Y Plygain Olaf,’ and ‘Mynd Fel Bom.’ The first two are available in English: ‘Bloody Eisteddfod’ and ‘Burning Issue.’ Daf Dafis is passionate about keeping the peace in his square mile but his life is always complicated.

In August 2020, Myfanwy adapted ‘Bloody Eisteddfod’ for a critically acclaimed drama on Radio 4 and Radio Cymru: ‘..the darkness was delicious’ – Daily Telegraph

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