CrimeFest 2018 was the 10th anniversary of the legendary Bristol-based crime festival. Crime Cymru was well-represented in both attendees and panellists, with Cathy Ace, Rosie Claverton, Kat Hall, Alis Hawkins, and BE Jones all appearing.

CrimeFest18. Alis Hawkins
Alis Hawkins on the Historical Noir Panel
CrimeFest18 B E Jones
BE Jones on “Crime with a touch of the Supernatural” panel
CrimeFest18 Cathy Ace
Cathy Ace on a panel about impulsivity and bad behaviour
CrimeFest18 Alis Hawkins
Alis Hawkins on “Give Me A Break: Putting Characters through The Mill” panel.
CrimeFest18 Kat Hall
Kat Hall chairing the German crime panel.
Rosie Claverton and Cathy Ace before their panel on “Darkness and Light: are you cosy or noir?”

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