Mistress of chiller thrillers, Sally Spedding has two new titles now available as e-books and paperbacks.

The Nighthawk

The Nighthawk

One false move is all it takes…
France, April 1986.
John Lyon, newly retired Detective Inspector from Nottingham, breaks off his holiday in the eastern Pyrenees when he encounters Karen Furst.
This attractive, wheelchair-bound woman with a new name and nationality, soon draws him into her world. Karen is the product of a tragic past, a past which is slowly but surely catching up with her.
Yet the woman’s story doesn’t entirely add up. John suspects that Karen is lying to him. And how much is he lying to himself about how he feels, what he thinks?
Karen will soon be targeted – and John with her – by unseen enemies.
Only La Chasse, a hunt to the death in wild scrubland, will reveal the truth.
Blood will be shed.
The Nighthawk is a dark, enthralling novel that grips from start to end.

The Nighthawk on Amazon



DI John Lyons Thriller – Book 2

March 1987
The past isn’t dead…
John Lyon, a retired Detective Inspector, is still recovering from serious physical injury. Something is still ill at ease inside of him too. Lyon misses the challenge of solving crime and bringing the guilty to justice.
Lyon is enjoying a spring break near Fishguard with old flame DC Alison McConnell, when news reaches them of a missing eight-year-old French boy, Mathieu Deschamps. Mathieu is regularly bullied at school. But something more is amiss.
Vervain is missing as well – a valuable steeplechaser trained by the boy’s father.
Laure Deschamps, the trainer’s older daughter who reared the horse from a foal, will do anything to find the horse and her brother.
Soon, John and Alison are trapped in an ever more dangerous web. But who has spun it? Someone inside or outside the family?
Lies will be uncovered and lives changed for ever.

Bloodlines on Amazon

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