How does a blind man find a killer?
When human bones are discovered near his father’s estate, Harry Probert-Lloyd, recently returned to Cardiganshire from the London bar, knows immediately who they belong to. He insists on an inquest but everybody else would far rather see Margaret Jones’s bones decently buried and quietly forgotten. Because Margaret was a nobody without family or protectors. And she died during the notorious Rebecca Riots, when dark, nocturnal anarchy effectively ensured people’s silence.
Harry is determined to find her killer so he acquires an assistant – ambitious solicitor’s clerk, John Davies – and, together, they set out to find Margaret Jones’s killer.
But Harry and John are keeping secrets from each other. What was Harry’s role in the riots and exatly how well did he know Margaret Jones? Why does he change the subject every time a particular name is mentioned?
And what does John know about Margaret Jones and her death? He seems unexpectedly keen to steer harry in a particular direction.
As they follow the dead woman’s path to her lonely grave, Harry realises that he isn’t ready for the truths that begin to emerge while John has to deal with his own part in Margaret Jones’s death…

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