Lock yourself away

The Locked Trilogy from GB Williams started with Locked Up, moved on with Locked In and now draws to its dramatic and surprising conclusion in Locked Down, releasing Monday 18th Feb 2019.
The Locked Trilogy tells the story of Charlie Bell, an ex-Detective Sergeant who has been imprisoned for a murder he did commit. Inside he meets Prison Officer Ariadne Teddington, who needs his help to investigate when a murder inside is just the tip of the iceberg. Once released Charlie struggles to cope with the world where he can no longer do the job he loves – being a copper. Instead, he jumps the fence and turn grass. He never for one moment thought that that would put Ariadne in the danger zone.
In Locked Down, DCI Matthew Piper, Charlie’s ex-boss, is investigating cold cases, not least of all the disappearance of Ariadne Teddington’s younger brother. When that crosses with current on-going investigations, all Hell breaks loose around him, bring trouble to more than the Teddington household, and endangering his own wife and kids had never been part of the plan. As things spiral down, how low do they have to go to uncover the truth and get the bad guys locked down forever?

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Facebook: @GBWilliamsCrimeWriter

17th February 2019

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